Avalon Toco - Cordless Fetal Transducer M2725A & M2726A Repair service

Avalon Toco 

Averon Bionics is proud to announce the long awaited capability for repairs of the Philips Avalon Fetal Toco Ultrasound wireless transducers M2725A, M2726A & M2727A and wired transducers M2734A, M2735A & M2736A. These transducers are used with Philips Avalon CTS cordless station M2720A and Avalon fetal monitors FM-20, FM-30, FM40, FM-50.    

The cordless transducers are state of the art design using high density SMD components and require complex testing processes. Averon team has been working on semi-robotic set up to reduce turnaround time and is expected to be in place by the end of the year. The repaired transducers are sealed appropriately so that they can be cleaned with water, mild soap, and alcohol or even immersed in water for a short while. However, repaired transducers are not recommended to use for under water delivery or worn while taking shower. In future, water tight or water immersion testing facility will also be available

Averon Bionics is an innovative company that has developed many proprietary processes to perform excellent quality work. The development of LASER bonding custom process equipment allows us to offer 5 years warranty on crystal bonding for ultrasound transducers. Old type of Philips transducers M1355A, M1356A, Corometrics 2260, 2264, 5700 and many other brands, the extended warranty term is 2 years that is not even offered by OEMs. 

In order to minimize failures, the wireless transducers should be inspected for physical damage before every single use on patient. It develops hair line crack in viewing glass for the display when dropped or excessive force is applied. If such a transducer is worn while bathing/shower or used for under water delivery, the water slowly leaks in and causes damage that is not economical to fix. Care should also be observed while docking the transducer or returning to a slot on base station. Excessive push or pulling force on tab causes minute cracks in bottom case and parting line between top-bottom casings looses adhesion creating passage for water to get in. 

Avalon Wireless Transducer's battery replacement or rebuild, either use original battery from OEM or rebuild from an outfit that strictly uses OEM cell. There are many cheap cells available but variation in internal impedance, charging voltage (even + or - 0.05V) and other characteristics shortens life span. The transducer is MCU based and programmed as smart charger optimizing to original cell's characteristics. Use of replacement cell often generates more heat and damages the unit permanently over short time usage. There could also be the issue with the safety protection circuit of replacement or rebuilt battery that has non OEM cell.

Wireless transducers should not be left in storage for long time as the battery can not be charged if the voltage depletes below specified level. Whenever battery is replaced or switched, follow OEM instructions strictly and use recommended silicon sealing compound. The Avalon CTS base unit should always be placed in well ventilated area. Once the battery is removed, transducer should be kept in sealed bag, preferably static shielding bag. This is most important as the moisture and dust damage the circuit boards.

Hospitals generally land up spending 3-4 times more than even new replacement cost on repeated repair work on transducers. The repairs performed using cheap replacement non OEM components result in substandard quality, frequent failures, drift in base line and  poor overall performance. With Averon's unique terms, one can track the yearly spending and ensure great savings over a period of time. The performance and up-time are also noticeably higher and reduces time consumption in repeated shipments, P.O. processing and related work. Averon also offers service contracts with written guarantee of cost savings that can be compared with past spending records.    

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